5 Tips For Salesmen Who Want To Increase Their Sales

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Salesmen rely on their personality and skills to close the deal during the sales process. Here are five tips you should know before you start pitching your product:


  1. Speak with conviction

  2. Make sure you're prepared

  3. Listen to what your customer is saying

  4. Be confident

  5. Be yourself!

If not, there's a good chance they'll walk away from the entire process, never giving you a second thought. And that can be costly for any business.

For example:

According to MarketingCharts.com, it costs six times more to acquire new customers than it does to retain existing ones.


And given that almost all marketing efforts are directed toward attracting new customers or prospects rather than retaining current ones - this statistic is an important one for any sales team to understand.

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Speak with conviction during your sales pitch

One of the top pointers for being a better salesman is to speak with conviction. When you speak with certainty, your customer will be more inclined to believe you and trust what you are saying.


They will listen to what you have to say and they'll recognize that you really know what you're talking about.


If your customer has any doubts, you won't find yourself having much luck closing the sale! So make sure that whatever it is that you're pitching, whether it's new or old, you speak with conviction.


Tell the customer why he or she should buy your product without a doubt.


What makes conviction so important? The answer is simple: people are more likely to follow someone they believe in and trust, than those who they think might not be credible.


If you're trying to convince someone of something - whether it's the best method for trimming trees or how well your company will help their business grow - speak with confidence and assurance that what you're saying is true.


And the more confident you sound, the easier it will be for your customers to take a leap of faith with you! Make sure that when selling, everyone on your team knows everything they can about the product or service being offered.

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Make sure you're prepared

As a salesman, you want to check your facts before you talk to potential customers. Prepare to answer questions about the product and have some ready-made answers for common objections.


Are you considering this product because it's cheaper? One of the ways we save money is by using less packaging so the product won't seem more expensive on your shelf.


Don't throw out your first idea. Listen to what the customer says. You'll learn from their objections. That's why you're there!


You might be nervous (everyone is), but don't show it. Look your customer straight in the eye to show you're confident and interested in what they're saying.


Some people have the opposite reaction to nerves–they pretend they aren't nervous. But that can be a turn-off.


Being prepared is more than knowing your stuff, it's taking the time beforehand to become mentally prepared. Anxiety, stress, and fear are normal feelings that everyone has, but you can't afford to let them show.


Your confidence makes your customer believe in you during the sales process.


The more confident you are about your product the more likely it is that they will feel comfortable doing business with you.

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Listen to what your customer is saying

Be sincere and attentive when listening to your customer. The point of the sales process is to give a customer what they want, so it's important to really be paying attention to them.


They should feel like their needs are being met and that you're there for them.


Ask questions about the product or service you want to sell.


Take a genuine interest in their needs, lifestyle, and goals so that you can figure out how to best match up your product with their needs.


Understand that customers are people with real lives, real problems, and real budgets. Don't look down on them; instead, be empathetic and respectful. They are the reason you're able to do what you love.


Be as enthusiastic about your product or service as you can. The more excited you are about what you're selling, the more excited your customer will be about buying it.


Offer advice and insight on other products that might meet their needs. It's important not to push for the sale too hard, but if there is an opportunity to upsell without being pushy then taking it is a good idea.


While listening to your customer you must pay attention to what they are saying and not just what it is that you want them to hear.


You need to read between the lines and listen closely for hidden concerns or problems within their current situation.


Customers might say something that could mean something totally different than what they actually mean so make sure you don't get frustrated easily, if an individual appears upset then take a step back and really delve in.


If there was certain training within your company about how to handle an angry customer (because everyone gets one at least once) use that training–it will help save you time and money by preventing the issue from escalating further.


Doing these things will put you on track to becoming a great salesman.


Be confident

I am confident in my abilities to sell and close deals with all of my customers.


Along with a natural charisma that has been honed over many years, I know how to talk about myself and the product in such a way that it becomes abundantly clear that we are the only company you should be buying from.


The fact that I am so confident is precisely what makes my customers trust me.


Even if I have never met them before, they know that I am the right person to deal with because I am not going to be afraid to close a deal.


Make sure your product or service is top quality You are only as good as your product (or service). If your product stinks, no amount of confidence or charm will save you from failure.


I personally use my own products and would never sell anything to a customer that I wouldn't put in my own house.


Make sure you're prepared Your customer is going to ask you questions about your product right off the bat. You don't want to say, "Ummm...well, you see..." like a bumbling fool.


Have all of your information ready and know exactly how to explain what your product is and why it's better than the competitor.



Have a plan for everything and try to have multiple backup plans just in case something goes wrong.

For example:

If the price of your product fluctuates you should know what you're going to do about it.


Plan out where and when you will meet with each person interested in purchasing from you.


Ensure that there is enough room for everyone involved and a comfortable place where they can sit back and relax (sofas work great).


Lighting can also make or break a meeting so bring some lamps along with you as opposed to using overhead lights which tend to be harsh and direct.


Make sure your physical appearance makes a good first impression. Personal hygiene is incredibly important no matter how many times we've been told otherwise.


Also, make sure your clothes are clean and that they fit properly. Don't wear anything too flashy as it can be distracting but you should wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

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Be yourself!

The best way to be successful as a salesman is to be yourself. You can have all the skills in the world, but if you don't sound like you believe in what you're selling, chances are your customer won't either.


So, how do you sell yourself and your product? You need to sound confident and convince yourself that what you're selling is the absolute best thing for your customer.


A good salesman can make or break a deal, so be sure to give it everything you have.

Say it with conviction!

If your idea of being a salesman means sitting in a wood-paneled office, wearing an expensive suit, and sipping coffee from your finest china cup, you're going to have a hard time convincing anyone that you're the best salesman around.


When you speak with conviction about what you are selling, people will know your product is something special. If your customers don't think you believe in your product, they certainly won't.


And you can speak with conviction by using words like "amazing," "terrific," "superb," and anything else that describes the quality of your product.

Have a plan!

If you walk into sales conversations without knowing what to say or how to present your product, you're sunk. Your confidence will go out the window and you'll never sound like a salesman.


You need to know everything about your product, from how it works to what makes it so great.


You also need to know how much it costs, where you got it from, and anything else that might make your customer interested. Practice presenting this information until you have the perfect pitch prepared for when the time comes.


When meeting with a customer for the first time, always start by asking questions about them and their lifestyle.


This will help you gauge what exactly they're looking for in terms of products or services and will give you more details on what makes them tick as a person.


You can then use this information to tailor your sales pitch more effectively so that they are completely convinced that you're selling them something right for them (and not someone else).

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In Conclusion:

These five tips are meant to help you think about the customer's point of view and what they're thinking as they walk through your sales pitch.


With a little bit of preparation, confidence, and listening skills, you can create an atmosphere where customers feel comfortable with their purchase decision.


Remember these tips for the next time you go on a sales call or meet someone at the networking event!


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